Outdoor Spa

This sanctuary makes your stay unforgettable.


When we built our outdoor spa we indeed wanted to do something different. Suedes love our nature and to be outdoor. At the same time not all days are sunny and warm. Our outdoor spa is built to bring a nice feeling no matter the weather, We have an open white pool that reflects the sky, 2 warm pools and several saunas. We have also arranged for a nice poolbar and chill out music, at times we even bring a DJ. And finally you can book a massage, either a classic or a sportmassage, 995 SEK.

The spa  is open from 11h to 19h. From 17.00 only adults.

Entry fee to the spa: 
The entrance fee is 265 kr for adults and 115 kr for kids. 100 kr discount for guests at the resort if the sp fee is not included in your booking. 

Book spa treatment: mailto:info@holick.se